Saturday, December 17, 2005

By Jules

A house sketched inky black
Against a moonlit sky.
Velvet roses dark and sultry
Flatter the arum lilies, candle glowing,
Near the pond. And jasmin
Scatters a million phosphorescent stars
Whilst frogs croak, and giddy moths
Inebriated in the perfumed night
Flirt With the blushing honeysuckle
Clinging to the mossy wall.
Then a cat, pale and ghostlike
Leaping From the ferns
Like a phantom ballerina,
Dances and twirls with fireflies
And moonbeams
In the dew drenched grass.

Then all at once,
There is a hush...
Frogs mute.
Cat scampers...
A gate creaks.
Footsteps sound along the path.
A lamp lights up in an upstairs room.
A flimsy curtain flutters
On a new born breeze
A face appears.
From who knows where
A sweet voice whispers very close,'
Welcome Home, my dear'.

© 2000 Jules


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