Sunday, January 29, 2006

PARIS 1997

Grey as the clouds and scowling at gargoyles and suchlike
I entered the great door into the gloom of Notre Dame:
Unusually empty for the time of year
And I stood for a while gazing up
With the usual sense of awe at the ancient vaults.
An elderly woman in white, elegant and slim,
Sat listlessly amongst dark clad beings on a few chairs
Scattered along the aisle. Then in a fragment of time
A narrow shaft of rainbow light touched her snowy hair
And my eyes recieved a melancholy glance.

Years and miles away as I was walking my dog
By the side of a river, I was aware that I was not alone!
Scraps of information emerged: an aged husband
Rich and indifferent, forever absent.
A lover: an artist, young and false. A fatal illnes......
Ageless now. Free of pain and heartbreak.
You turned up at odd moments:
Laughing at questions, giving advice.
Annie, it was nice having you around for a while.
Perhaps we'll meet again...sometime....somewhere......


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